OCTIMET have now partnered OMO-1 and OMO-2 with Shanghai Allist Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. for Greater China and DeuterOncology NV for Rest of the World.

OMO-1 is an oral, highly selective small molecule MET kinase inhibitor, that has demonstrated potent single agent and combination activity in a range of preclinical cancer models.

OMO-2 is a dual MET and RAS pathway inhibitor under pre-clinical investigation as a targeted therapy for lung cancer, as well as potential broader oncology applications when used in combination with EGFR inhibitors.

For more information please contact:

For more information please contact:
Shelley Margetson, CEO
Pieter Van Reysschootlaan 2/104
9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem (Gent)